Originally Esperanza was a 450 ha. farm where a retired Dutch sea captain lived growing cattle and teaktrees. When he died the finca was sold to a small group of Dutch investors who bought all neigbouring farms and now own 1.025 Ha.
The farm is more or less a valley of 5 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide with on both sides hill/mountain sides of 400 meter high, all covered with primary and secundary forest. The river, Rio Ario, has water all year around and flows through the always green middle part of the farm where cows and horses are grazing. In the farm we have several waterfalls, of which one has a nice swimming pond. It is an ideal place for holidays in nature and for retirement; apart from that it could be further developed for tourism. Important to know is that the farm is situated in one of the “blue zones”, a place on earth where people are happier and live longer.
For the moment we have in one of the farmhouses a small cheesefactory producing the cheese for 3 pizzerias with the milk of our own cows (75). Because of the river having all year water and therefore all year green grass the farm can have up to 200 head of cattle. The part planted with teakwood is 85 Ha. We harvested some 30 Ha. 1,5 years ago. Next end harvests will be in about 7 – 8 years. For the moment we have one foreman and one worker in our payroll.
There might be a possibility to sell out of the 1.025 Ha. some 700 Ha. for oxygen/CO2/carbon credits.

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